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Contemporary Art for Cancer


Now in its 3rd year, ARTnude Philly is  an Art Show benefitting the Abramson Center of the University of Pennsylvania. ARTnude Philly is unique for several of the following reasons. Art for the show is sourced from local artists who receive 60% of the sale of their artwork, with the remaining 40% donated to the Abramson Center. Now what happens with those donations, you ask? All art sales and donations to the show fund a Patient Special Care Fund, which allows social workers to dispense cash rewards on a case-by-case basis to cancer patients in need.

Join us for an evening of art, drinks and a chance to support a great cause!

The reception will be on October 18th, 2014 at 5 PM-11PM.

Our photo shoot features color-blocking designs painted onto nude models. These models are all volunteers who just want to contribute to the show, and some of them are also patients from the Abramson Cancer Center. Each color they are painted with represents an official cancer color with layers and patterns that are representations of that aesthetic. ARTnude Philly has one objective: Contemporary Art for Cancer Awareness. The “nude” in ARTnude Philly does not specifically relate to the nude figure but rather unveils the transparency of cancer awareness and contemporary art. The show welcomes all kinds of artwork submissions and contributions. We are excited to present a show with engaging, contemporary work.


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Call for Submissions

Congratulations to this years accepted Artists!!

Be sure to buy your ticket today to the Opening Party. October 18th 6-11pm.

Tickets are on sale at bit.ly/artnude14

Melanie Eyth, Barbara Mimnaugh,  Robert Darabos, Jenna Wilchinsky,  Zhenya Grinshteyn, Kristin Schattenfield-Rein,

Steph Fenimore, Susan DiPronio, Kori Moore, John Y Wind, IIlya Livshits, Wendee Koren
Nini Hansom,  Leah Whiteman,  Katie O’Neill,  Asya Livshits,  Peter Kelsey, Anita Wexler, Jennie Nguyen

Jessica Gamble,  Alexandra Mosoeanu, Gaby Heit, Rebecca Robbins, Nick Brown, Jaimee Newman,

Jacqueline Davis Moranti, Nancy Halbert,  Michael Foggio Loverdi, Jenna Hannum


ARTnude Philly is an annual art show benefitting the "Patient Special Needs Fund' at the Abramson Cancer Center of the University of Pennsylvania. The show presents works from leading contemporary artists, with 40% of art sales donated directly to the Abramson Center.

This years' Opening Party will feature art, live music and selected performances October 18, 5pm-11pm.
The performers lineup will be announced later this September. Check back for what promises to be an exciting line up.


ARTnude Philly’s donations will be going towards the Abramson Cancer Center Patient Special Needs Fund, which supports cancer patients and families who are in financial need as a result of their diagnosis and treatment. The nurse navigators and social workers use this fund to help pay for necessities such as parking and taxi vouchers, septa tokens, medications not covered by insurance, meals for families accompanying patients to treatment, popsicles for patients to have during chemotherapy, household bills and other living expenses. Donations from ARTnude Philly would help increase the funds available to meet the demand of these patients and families, and provide larger awards to those who are in need of financial assistance.


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